30 Day List

Welcome to 30 Things in 30 Days. A simple list that can change your life forever. Thirty things that are exciting, adventurous, or scary. Thirty things you always wanted to try or are curious about but too busy, scared or lazy to try. Follow the rules below to be entered into our List Giveaway - best list of the month (and most completed) gets a really snazzy prize. You like snazzy prizes?

The Rules

  1. Handwrite your list.
    Writing by hand trigger the brain. The brain triggers you. Crossing things off the original list feels amazing. Frame the list at the end. Amen. 
  2. Pick 30 individual things. 
    This doesn’t mean bathe every day, or take 12 yoga classes. Take one yoga class. Shower in the rain one time. Pick 30 unique, interesting and juicy individual things. You can do five things in one day, or one thing every day, or ten things per weekend. 
  3. Follow the 50/50 rule. 
    Half of your things must be easy and quick, to help build momentum. Write a letter, send a text, plant a flower. Half of your things should be challenging, maybe require another person, or really scare you. Skydive, hold a snake, take a girl on a date. Let them push you out of your comfort zone and shape you.
  4. Follow Your North Star, and Don’t Blow Up Others’ Stars
    Your things must push you to be a better person. Your things are yours alone - they cannot bash, hurt, or negatively influence anyone else. That's mean and stupid. 
  5. Be Social
    Post your list on your blog, Instagram, or Facebook. This creates accountability and connection. Let others play along. Let them encourage you. Let them help you find the resources to accomplish your list. Apply here to be featured on this very site and I will hold you accountable. 

Bonus / Tips / Extras:

  • WILD CARDS: Come up with three extra wild cards and leave them blank - just in case.  (31, 32, 33) 
  • SUGGESTIONS: Have friends or family come up with 1-5 things for you. They know you better than you do.
  • CELEBRATE: Plan a celebration, a night out, or a spa day to celebrate the end of your list on the last day. 
  • FIND A BUDDY: Get a list buddy and both of you weirdos make your own lists and start at the same time. 
  • BLACK OUT: Black out any sexy list things before you post a picture of the list and watch everyone on earth ask what that number is... 

The Original List

The Original List

The list that started it all

1. Take a sound bath class
2. Memorize a Poem
3. Write 30 Blogs in 30 Days
4. Cook Soup
5. Try Jui Jitsu Class
6. Get Brazilian Wax
7. Spend 3 Hours at an Old Folks Home
8. Go to a Drum Circle
9. Write Outline for a Book
10. Take Mushrooms in Nature
11. Pet a horse
12. Do a 3 Day Fast
13. Start a Book Club
14. Go to Creflo Dollar's Church
15. Create a Piece of Art & Sell It

16. Get 1 Coaching Client
17. Mail 10 People Letters
18. Take a Kundalini Yoga Class
19. Give a Speech
20. Record 10 Podcasts
21. Try Acupuncture
22. Get a Meditation Certification
23. Try LSD
24. Sell Couch
25. Give Blood
26. Go on a Date
27. Take Breathwork Class
28. Read a Book About Love
29. Do 5min Standup Comedy Set
30. Throw Small Dinner Party


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