Anonymous' List

  1. 10 Hindu pushups a day
  2. Make a piece of art
  3. Train for a marathon
  4. Smile at myself in the mirror every day
  5. Cupping
  6. Write a short story
  7. Cold shower start of each day
  8. Hike a part of the Appalachian Trail
  9. Donate $ for kids who can't afford school supplies
  10. Trampoline jumping 1x a week
  11. Read a book by Rick Hanson
  12. Journal 1x a week
  13. Go to someone's house who has hurt me and huge and forgive them
  14. Save $200 for Jackson Hole, NY
  15. 5:30 AM Wake up
  16. Check email 3x a day only
  17. Bake cookies for an elderly neighbor
  18. Say "No" to three things you don't want to do
  19. Don't mention the past or the future
  20. Treat myself the way I treat others
  21. No processed food
  22. Make a meal with no recipe
  23. Work on my sarcasm. Say What I feel.
  24. Write a letter to my dad. Mail it.
  25. Learn @ Kintsugh / Gaman
  26. Read an autobiography
  27. Learn to change a tire
  28. Wash & Wax my car by hand
  29. Go vegan
  30. Sit next to someone you don't know and compliment them