Mel's List

  1. Send a nude to a nonromantic friend
  2. Dye eyebrows
  3. Take bellydance class
  4. Plan a slumber party with my bffs
  5. Go to EAV (I'm terrified of the EastSide)
  6. Try kombucha
  7. Do squats and lunges every day
  8. Leave a 50% tip for a service
  9. Kiss a stranger at a bar
  10. Give 10 homeless people $1 and an apple
  11. Play a pick up game of soccer
  12. watch the World Cup & pay attention
  13. go on a date with a Latino Dude
  14. Give a homless person a huge
  15. Vape
  16. Teach someone how to twerk
  17. Volunteer a day with kids
  18. Buy $10 of merch from a kid selling it and give it away
  19. Tell 10 non-family members I love them & why
  20. Speak all day using only rap verses
  21. Give 5 people unsolicited advice
  22. Go one day with no talking or texting
  23. Go to Charleston, SC
  24. Eat vegan for 3 days
  25. Collaborate with another artist
  26. Record a song
  27. Do a podcast
  28. Help on political campaign
  29. Ask a guy to dance
  30. Buy a man a drink