Olivia's List

  1. Write 10,000 words
  2. Hold a tarantula 😱
  3. Get my ear pierced (and keep it in!!)
  4. This one is a personal one - not every single thing on the list has to be public or for everyone!
  5. Take a RANDOM (key word) day off of work
  6. Read 5 short stories in Spanish
  7. Soak in 3 design books
  8. Give Indian food another chance
  9. Cut entire wardrobe in HALF
  10. Try acupuncture
  11. Go to a random music show
  12. Go a whole week without TV
  13. Go a whole week without social media
  14. Learn alphabet in sign language
  15. Change a Tire
  16. Tell someone how much they mean to me
  17. Do yoga for a straight week!
  18. Finish a whole coloring book page
  19. Go on a looooong hike
  20. Meditate for 10 days
  21. Do a handstand! (I currently suck)
  22. Learn how to juggle
  23. Teach a class
  24. Make a fire without tools
  25. Visit an art gallery
  26. Design something for FUN!
  27. Reconnect with someone from my past
  28. Complete a still life drawing
  29. Go a whole day without negativity
  30. Sign up for Big Brothers Big Sisters