The 7 Greatest Questions In The World to Change Your Life

It is Sunday. I am dog sitting for long brown dog named Andy. He stares at me. I stare at him. Andy is a shorthaired dachshund that sleeps in a banana bed. TMI.

I have an aunt who used to raise dachshunds. Now she is the President of the Susan Boyle Fan Club. Did you hear that? The Susan Boyle Fan Club. Have a great Sunday.

I am currently sitting at one of my favorite coffee shops in Atlanta – the Chattahoochee Coffee Company. They have massive leather chairs that cost as much as my truck. I judge coffee shops by their seating, not the coffee. Or the barista. Or the bananas.

Billions of people are always asking me what I journal about in the mornings. Perhaps trillions. It’s hard to say.

I usually just write down questions that are in my head and try to answer them. Whoa. Modern day Einstein.

As I was writing this morning I stumbled upon GREATNESS!

I discovered the seven greatest questions in the world. Well, six but I decided to add one because seven is a better number. Questions so profound that they will change your life forever. Money back guarantee.

 At first, I was thinking about two simple questions:

1)    What is the vision for my life?

2)    Who is the person I want to be?

Simple. What is the perfect vision of my life and who do I really want to be? What kind of person do I want to be? What does the perfect life for me look like? Where would I live? What would I do? Where would I go? Who would I hang out with? What would I look like?

Is the person I want to be a zoologist, ex mascot, furry bus owner that sells Mexican food and loves to dance? Well…

Then I thought of a few more questions because the coffee kicked in and I can’t focus on anything for more than two seconds. 

Are you happy? That is not one of the questions. I am just curious. If not, why? Also not one of the questions. Did I mention Susan Boyle? She vomits before every performance.

These are the seven things I have decided to answer every day in my journal:

1)    The vision for my life is __________________.

2)    The person I want to be is _________________.

3)    I love ________.

4)    I am thankful for _____________.

5)    What is stopping me from this is _______________. (Nah, delete this one.)

5) The thing stopping me from the life and person I want to be is __________ (better).

6)    One habit I need to start is ________________.

7)    One habit I need to stop is __________________.

And the heavens opened! Angels sang from the mountaintop! The meaning of life was discovered by Trey Humphreys who failed to get into vet school. Twice.

Since I have a massive case of ADHD, the key will be to answer each of those questions with only one word per day. That seems easy enough. Here are my rules:

1)    Only write one word for each per day.

2)    Use the first word that comes to your mind without obsessing over what the word should be.

3)    Think about those words all day.

Or take Adderall and write a 1200 page dissertation on the seven questions while vacuuming your lawn and giving your cat a perm.

 My answers this morning were:

1)    The vision for my life is ADVENTURE. (No clue why this one popped into my head today, but it did.)

2)    The person I want to be is CONFIDENT. (We’ve covered this before…I have low self-confidence. Sue me.)

3)    I love (IT’S PRIVATE, CREEPS).

4)    I am thankful for MY MOM. (If I was a girl she was going to name me Monteen, I swear to God.)

5)    The thing stopping me from the life and person I want to be is FEAR (of rejection or failure).

6)    The habit I need to start is FOCUS. (God bless I lack focus.)

7)    The habit I need to stop is AVOIDANCE. (Is that a habit?)

So what do you do with your answers? Figure them out I guess.



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